#TheUYC | Entry #1


Want to give your yard a Face lift? Now’s your chance!


Here’s how you enter:
Send us a picture of your “Ugly Yard” on
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to be entered to win.
Our Landscaping Specialist will give you specific advice to help improve it.
Advice will be published over on our blog.
One lucky winner will be chosen the first week of September to get their very own free box of landscape edging.


Here’s our first contest entry!

Linda Whaley, here is your free landscaping advice!


I love your beautiful swimming pool! You have some nice elements now and with a few changes, your yard will be stunning.


Pave the concrete around the pool with a neutral, warm colored paver. Use paver edging to keep the pavers/stone in place. Remove the grass from the flower beds, add organic fertilizer and top with a 2” layer of pebble mulch to conserve water.


The unfinished corner (above) is a good location for a BBQ area. Move the palm tree and shrub to another area where they have plenty of room (possibly by the blue fence). Pave the area with bricks and mortar, aim for a flat, even surface. Place the BBQ, a small table and some chairs here.


Install a pergola over the new BBQ area and along the entire length of the street side wall including the opposite seating area. This gives you shade and a secluded place to sit. Create small flower beds and grow climbing plants up the pergola, avoid anything with thorns. Install garden edging around the beds, helpful because it keeps soil and mulch in place. Consult your local garden center for ideas about what to plant, bringing your photo would be helpful.


You have a lot of cream-colored wall space. There’s a couple of options to make it more attractive. Put trellis on the wall and grow climbing plants, add wall sculptures, a tiled design or paint the walls different colors (go for fresh, clear, beach colors, nothing too dark)


Finally, conceal the pump equipment behind removable wood panels, add attractive light fixtures and large pots of flowering plants.

9 Things You Must Know About Ponds


Are you looking to add a pond to your landscaping this summer? Here’s nine things you need to know and do!


  1. Just like most projects, you should start by planning. Check to be sure that the soil is stable enough to support a pond. Make certain that plants won’t be able to cut a hole in the liner. If you’re planning on having fish in the pond, you should choose a site with a good amount of sunlight.
  2. Determine the depth. When you decide on what plants or animals will be in the pond, it will make it easy to determine its depth. It is important to make sure there is enough depth to allow the fish to hibernate during the winter.
  3. Try a kit. The best way for beginners to install a pond is to buy a pond kit. It will come with all the necessary components needed to start the pond.pexels-photo-26713
  4. Chose a liner. The best to use is butyl rubber. This is a thicker liner which is better. Use carpet padding, which is think and contours nicely underneath the liner to protect against pebbles.
  5. Add a waterfall! Water needs to be oxygenated. Adding a waterfall or fountain will help circulate the water and keep it oxygenated. By keeping the water circulating, you can keep algae at bay and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Fish require the water to be oxygenated if they are living in the pond.
  6. Chose an edging. You’ll need to give the pond a proper edge to make it look as if it’s always been a part of your yard. Try using an aluminum landscape edging like this one, and use natural rocks and plants to hide the edge of the liner.
  7. Make a commitment to maintenance. Ponds are not maintenance free. A small pond is actually a lot more difficult to take care of than a larger one. The more water you have in the system, the more nature is able to take over and regulate. Fish need to be fed daily and pump filters need to be changed or cleaned.water-plant-leaf-pond
  8. Winterize the pond. You’re not going to want to drain the pond because the rubber liner will dry out and crack. As long as the water stays moving, it most likely won’t freeze solid. Fish can swim below the ice and remain there until spring.
  9. Build a curb. You’ll need to build a curb around the pond so the rain water won’t cause it to overflow. If you don’t and you get a heavy rain, the fish might end up on the lawn. Make sure the curb is at least two inches taller than the pond to force the water around.

5 Ways to Use Water in Your Landscaping


We know that outdoor living is high right now, and why wouldn’t it? We finally have the beautiful weather that we can enjoy. A lot of people tend to get creative when the warm weather starts to show itself. This means people are looking to fix up their gardens and maybe add a pool to their yard or just simply add a water feature. Water feature you say? What kind of water feature. We’re here to give you some ideas on how to use water in your landscaping.


Water Fountains

There are a lot of water fountains to choose from. There are some that are going to be more elegant, and some that are going to be simplistic. You will want to choose the right one for your space. You will want it to compliment your space. Picking out the right water fountain may be difficult, because you don’t want it to overpower your space. But it will be so worth it when it is done.



Bird Baths

Bird baths are a great thing to add to a garden. You will most likely get a nice view of the birds from having a birdbath as well. Wouldn’t that be nice? There are many types of bird baths. You can just get a regular bird bath made from stone. Or you could get a misting bird bath or even a heated bird bath that you can use during the winter months too. How cool is that?!




One of the first things you’re going to want to decide is where you want to have your pond located. This will determine the size that you are going to want to choose. You will want to keep in mind that ponds should have the perfect amount of sun to shade ratio. The rule of thumb is that ponds should have about 4 to 6 hours of sun light to keep the water clean. Do some homework to find out what plants will do their best in ponds, plant them and voila! You’ve got a beautiful space that you can enjoy this time of year.



Rock Gardens

Rock gardens use lots of different sizes, colors and shape of rocks to accent a space. A lot of people like rock gardens because the sound of the water running over the rocks is soothing and nice to listen to. You can also plant plants in your rock garden. Just make sure the plants are able to grow on rough terrain.




Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes, so there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing one that will fit your space perfectly. There are two main types of ponds to choose from. One is waterfalls with a pond beneath it and the second is without a pond. Usually people only put waterfalls in if they have a pond. But it is possible to have a waterfall without one as well. With a pondless waterfall, water falls down a stone wall or rocks.


6 Ways To Remove Weeds That Are Safe For Your Family And Your Budget

6 Ways to Remove Weeds That Are Safe for your Family and your Budget

It’s safe to say that most people do not want weeds in their yard. They are annoying and can even be a hazardous to your family. So how can we get rid of those pesky weeds while keeping our families safe and not breaking the bank?

We know that you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to get rid of weeds. So we’ve put together a list of recipes that you can use that are most likely items found around your home to help with the weed issue. Here we go!


I’ll give you the ingredients first and the recipe to follow:

  • White Vinegar- the higher the acidity the faster it will work. But a lower acidity level will work as well. It just might take more time.
  • Table Salt- Make sure that you buy just plain old iodized salt. No Sea salt etc.
  • Dishwashing Liquid- Brand is whatever you have at home or whatever one you choose to buy. There is no specific brand that you need. The soap is used in this recipe to stick to the weeds, making them absorb the homemade mixture better.


Weed killer for areas to be replanted

If you have weeds in areas you want to replant, Fill a garden sprayer with white vinegar and add close to one teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap. Apply sprayer top and follow the instructions on the sprayer to get it ready to spray. That is all you need to do. Pick a hot, dry day with next to know wind to spray weeds until they are wet. They will shrivel up and die very quickly. So make sure not to spray anything that you want to keep alive!


Weed Killer for areas never to grow again

To kill all weeds and or plants in walkways, driveways and other areas where you don’t want any living thing to grow again, mix two cups ordinary table salt with one gallon of white vinegar. Do this in a very large container so that you have room to add the salt. Stir to dissolve the salt, not all of it will dissolve, but as long as you have most of it dissolved is what you aim for. Add 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Pour into an ordinary garden sprayer. Apply to weeds or grass on a dry, sunny day to areas you don’t want to see any greens in the future.

You might have to reapply  the mixture a few times before you see results. Just know that in time the salt will sterilize the soil that you spray and nothing will grow there again.


Baking Soda

This is a safe alternative to kill weeds. Especially if you have kids or pets. You want them to be safe. Just sprinkle the baking soda in areas that you don’t want weeds to grow and just like that the sodium that is in baking soda will make it a less hospitable spot for weeds to grow.



Salt is another safe weed killer that you can use to keep your family safe from harsh chemicals. Use about 1 cup of salt in 2 cups of water and mix well. Pour the boiling solution onto the weeds to kill them. Or you can just sprinkle the salt on the unwanted grass or weeds and wait for the rain to do it for you.


Carpet Scraps

Put some carpet scraps upside down in your garden and put mulch or soil on top of it. The Carpet will prevent the weeds from growing through.


Don’t leave space for them to grow

Plant ground covering plants and perennials. Weeds can’t grow if there if there is no space for them to come up. So cover as much space in your garden as you can!


Add Mulch

Cover the soil with mulch. The mulch will prevent other weeds from coming up! Also like we mentioned above, add carpet scraps, shower curtains, or thick material under the mulch to help prevent even more weeds.






Mother’s Day | Celebrate Her – She Deserves It!


Moms Day contest 2017

We’re holding a Facebook “Like, Comment and Share” contest from now until May 15th, 2017 at 12pm. The winner will receive a free box of 40′ 1/8 x 4″ (total of 40′) landscape edging painted with your choice of black, brown, green, bronze or mill! That’s over $100 in value!

To enter, simply like our page, tag a mother who deserves to be celebrated in the comments and this post!

One very lucky mother will be chosen as a winner. Good luck!



Our Top Picks | The Secret Garden Addition


Are you looking for some inspiration to create a magical and glorious garden? We can’t keep it a secret any longer!

Check out some of our favourites!


01c1db4dff73cc68f57e02255583a375Why not add a waterfall to a forest like garden?

4aeb12bd2430a97683d91369e658305dFind serenity in the garden using these No-Fail Tips for Turning Hydrangeas Blue!

(Click Photo For Details)


Can you ever have too many flowers?

7c90f3397debd39183393ff966fdde81It’s like a dream… walking in Wonderland!

5223c1f676b318230c656f0d47fa3750The Stone Gardens will be glorious! We can see them now….

7968d41bc2c6c6e5d7c2cdf9697f44d4Just imagine walking through this Garden!

32913e206fe217709f4583087b33fd38Formal. Elegant. We love this Fabulous Garden.


What about a garden shed? Bring your garden inside!

aa08acb5efb8c6d7bcbf2bb7f926e713Shabby Chic Garden? YES!


What a beautiful entry way!


Don’t stick to the same old garden designs… Try something creative like this!

fd0285f60f24a7d91a03f8bf31c6a7d3Simply Marvelous Design!

Backyard Privacy: How To Incorporate Fences Into Your Landscaping.


“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

Not only that, but they provide great backyard privacy! There’s nothing like relaxing in your patio chair, enjoying your peace and quiet in your garden and then realizing your neighbor is staring at you from their backyard. #Awkward.

Here’s some of our favourite fence ideas!

pin 1The classic white fence overflowing with colorful flowers!

pin 2We love this unique fence idea! So sleek!

pin 3Stone walls leave tons of room for creativity!

We have more ideas! Want to see more? Check them out on Pinterest or Houzz!

Gardening with Kids!


Do you want your kids to enjoy all that nature has to offer?

Check out some of these fun gardening ideas that will help them grow and learn about nature!


a2de76cd9121dff40cd58b0c61ef0505Make Egg Carton Greenhouses!

43166a94c1d2879b2668e1ab3094be3fGarden in a glove is easy and a great learning opportunity!

9297af16f75d0081b5cfd712264de190Make a worm hotel!

4ff0aa056eb1554ae690fc374ae4cf11Make an inexpensive herb terranium.

3c9c9467f77845e9663276655dfd6251Make wooden garden stakes that your kids can color or paint!

b8eeba20552ff6356302cb8a1513bd16Fairy Garden’s are in! Bring a little magic to your garden!

See more ideas here.

What are your favourite gardening activities for kids? Share them in the comments below!

Our Top Picks | Easter Decorations


Can you believe that it’s April already? Easter is quickly approaching… If you’re like us, you’re probably looking for some easy but cute outdoor Easter decorations. Here’s our top five picks!


938072741667295057ac03f87d0682ecA little paint and wood and you have a Bunny Crossing sign that can be used every year!

For instructions on how to make this, check out the pin on our Pinterest board!

bdb3171c6240303d93be68299576722fRabbits get hungry… even the Easter bunny!

Again, these decorations can be reused from year to year… And so simple to set up!


It appears we are starting a trend.

These Easter Egg trees are so easy to make, simple to set up and reusable!

80eef0191001a3e07ceff9d64e424f00Do you have a tree out in your front yard?

Easter Egg garland will brighten up the yard. And it’s plastic, so the spring showers won’t

destroy the decorations!


This last decoration isn’t reusable but still so beautiful!

Grab orange tulip “bushes” to create a Spring Carrot Door Hanger for a STUNNING entryway!

For more ideas, check out our Easter Time Pinterest Board!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Ten Ideas that take gardening to the next level!


Check out ten of our favourite ways to take gardening to the next level.

274ff0f76fdb99d0e63fab2aacc015aeAdd a little character to your garden!

8a052bf9a5dbaefa13ff6416a534b867Toss the traditional flower beds and pots.

d1d80caac8bf92db1048eb9d9ffc1ff4Make use of those old toys your kids no longer play with!

dee99a01d1b3cf8f072695f6787aaeccOr those shoes that no longer fit.

87f72d82153c8b6e90ca49b41bc0b69aFor when you need a hand with your gardening.

fee5bda2e877023386580c89f571e9ecRepurpose that old wicker chair…


7b233458e980030e3a3fe5f6661f3d0bAnd make some garden stools out of spare tires.

595782a553e02d2f34fcbb98f8fc0e50Think out of the box for succulent planters!

pexels-photo-29000Don’t rip out that old stump!

e828a988e6741d7d01355d2db0bbb46dNow this… This is Level: EXPERT gardening!