This Rocks! Your guide to incorporating rocks into your landscape!


With a little creativity, you can give your landscape a makeover with just the use of rocks and stones!

Photos were taken from our “This RocksPinterest Board.



Check out these DIY Garden Globes! Want to make your own?

Click the photo bring you to the pin.

DEJJGTBXcAA8L8aUse large rocks to become a planter for Spring succulents and other garden plants such as lettuce, aloe vera, penta and more!

e781e332007d584f8a5b3d43ffa3ac5cCelebrate your family in your garden by making a “family tree” out of rocks!

1c12767800ae42851f87ed9b82124110Looking for a featured piece for your landscaping? Try a spiral rock garden!

e44592c1707a3d75135c6a67f73431a0Create a stacked-stone totem for an all-season focal point in a planting bed.

Want to make your own? Click on the photo to bring you to the pin.

2fb7ce2b93125abff4798eaf59d2df64Make a dry Creek Bed out of smooth stones and rocks!

Don’t forget to use landscape edging to provide a crisp edge.

b7527fe9d98771a11e0a4574414baa7fWe saved our favorite for last!

Paint the rocks in your garden to add a little pop of decoration with your plants!

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