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The Impact of Edging on Your Property Value

Welcome to our exploration of the influence that edging can have on your property’s value. Strategic use of edging in a landscape design can significantly enhance the overall marketability of your home. Join us as we look at the key ways in which edging can elevate the worth of your home. Curb Appeal: Well maintained [Continue]

7 Popular Edging Designs Perfect for Your Landscape

In this exploration, we’re looking at seven of the most popular edging styles, each offering elements that are completely unique. From classic edging styles to more modern designs, there truly is something for everyone. Get ready to find the perfect edging design for your outdoor space! 1. Classic Straight Lines: A timeless classic. This edging [Continue]

Tips for DIY Professional Edging Installation

Hey there! Let’s look into the secrets of DIY professional edging, providing you with expert tips and tricks to turn your landscape into a DreamScape. Let’s dive in and provide you with the pointers you need to create your outdoor landscaping paradise. Plan Ahead: Before starting, make sure to thoroughly plan the layout and design [Continue]

Spring: The Perfect Time for Landscaping

It’s that season again…Springtime! When nature finally wakes back up and the great outdoors starts calling to us. It’s quite literally the perfect time to get your hands dirty and tackle those landscaping and edging projects you keep thinking about. There’s no better time than now to make those thoughts a sunny reality. You might [Continue]

This Rocks! Your guide to incorporating rocks into your landscape!


With a little creativity, you can give your landscape a makeover with just the use of rocks and stones! Photos were taken from our “This Rocks” Pinterest Board.   Check out these DIY Garden Globes! Want to make your own? Click the photo bring you to the pin. Use large rocks to become a planter [Continue]

5 steps to planning the perfect family friendly landscaping!


Are you looking to change up your landscaping? Why not make it family friendly so kids and parents both want to be outside! Here’s five ideas for creating the perfect family-friendly yard:   Determine your child’s favorite outdoor activities. From tree houses to tire swings and trampolines to rock climbing walls, there are tons of [Continue]

Contest – Win a box of landscape edging!


Could your backyard use a little landscaping? Now is your chance! This contest ends on September 1st! Send us a picture of your “Ugly Yard” on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TheUYC to be entered to win a free box of landscape edging! Our Landscaping Specialist will give you specific advice to help improve [Continue]

Give Your Landscaping A “Step Up!”

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Do you have lots of hills in your landscaping? Is your yard and patio on different levels? This is your summer guide for incorporating steps into your landscaping! If you’re going for a natural looking garden or landscape, this pea-stone design gives the steps a great earthy feel! Try something unique like this. They used [Continue]

Four Must-Have Backyard Accessories!


It’s summer time. You’re spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the sun and vacation. Here’s our four must have backyard accessories!   Speakers! Music, Summer and Social Gatherings all go together! You’ll want a reliable and water safe (because you never know when a water fight might break out) option to entertain your friends [Continue]