The Impact of Edging on Your Property Value


Welcome to our exploration of the influence that edging can have on your property’s value. Strategic use of edging in a landscape design can significantly enhance the overall marketability of your home. Join us as we look at the key ways in which edging can elevate the worth of your home.

Curb Appeal: Well maintained and strategically designed edging can act as a frame for your property, catching the eye of any passersby. This creates a polished and inviting first impression, increasing the overall attractiveness of your home.

Defining Spaces: Strategic edging serves as a practical tool for defining different outdoor areas. Using edging to separate flower beds, pathways, and more, creates a sense of organization in your landscape design. This enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space and also makes it more functional.

Low Maintenance: Low maintenance edging materials can have a large impact on the upkeep of your landscape. By choosing materials that require minimal maintenance, you not only save time but also ensure that your outdoor space always looks its best. This makes your home more attractive and it makes your landscape way easier to take care of.

Improved Outdoor Living: High quality edging can turn your outdoor living areas into inviting spaces for relaxation and entertainment. By using edging to create defined areas, organize outdoor features, and more, you improve the enjoyment of your outdoor space. This makes your living environment more desirable and adds value to your home.

In conclusion, homeowners who use high quality edging not only enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces but also make an investment in their property’s value. The right edging choices can help raise the value of your home for years to come.

7 Popular Edging Designs Perfect for Your Landscape

DS Edging Pic HD

In this exploration, we’re looking at seven of the most popular edging styles, each offering elements that are completely unique. From classic edging styles to more modern designs, there truly is something for everyone. Get ready to find the perfect edging design for your outdoor space!

1. Classic Straight Lines: A timeless classic. This edging style provides a clean and structured look to any landscape.

2. Curved Borders: Soft curves add a sense of fluidity to outdoor spaces which creates a natural, inviting atmosphere. Use flexible and durable edging materials to explore techniques for creating curved borders.

3. Layered Stone: This style creates a natural rugged feeling and the layered edging adds a lot of depth to the landscape. Try out this popular design trend with easy to install materials.

4. Brick Patterns: This style has a classic charm and timeless appeal with a brick pattern on the edging. You can achieve various layouts with this edging and it is also known to be highly durable.

5. Mosaic Tiles: Provides a vibrant, eye-catching style while adding a lot of color and personality to your landscape. Learn how to incorporate mosaic patterns seamlessly into your design in order to achieve a beautiful landscape.

6. Raised Beds: Optimize space with raised bed edging designs, this design offers improved soil quality and it’s very easy to maintain. Explore techniques for creating them with DreamScape’s superior edging products.

7. Gravel Borders: Define pathways and flower beds with modern gravel borders, combining functionality with contemporary style. Explore several gravel options and professional edging techniques to achieve a polished aesthetic in your landscape.

As we conclude our exploration of edging designs, remember: with the right tools and a little bit of creativity, your outdoor space can become a true DreamScape!

Tips for DIY Professional Edging Installation


Hey there! Let’s look into the secrets of DIY professional edging, providing you with expert tips and tricks to turn your landscape into a DreamScape. Let’s dive in and provide you with the pointers you need to create your outdoor landscaping paradise.

Plan Ahead: Before starting, make sure to thoroughly plan the layout and design of your edging and consider all factors (garden beds, pathways, aesthetics, etc). Use stakes and string to mark the edge lines.

Select Correct Material: Select the most appropriate edging material to use based on factors like your landscape style, budget, requirements, etc. It’s important to make sure that the material is compatible with your climate and soil conditions.

Clear the Area: Clear out any debris, weeds, existing edging, or anything that could possibly get in the way of your new edging. Make sure to define the edge lines and dig to the correct depth and width for the material you chose.

Install Properly: Place the new edging material along the defined edge line and make sure that it sits flush with the surface of the ground. After that, use stakes or spikes to secure the edging in place.

Maintain Consistency: Make sure that your edging stays at consistent height throughout every section as you install it. Use a level to make sure that you have straight lines and that nothing is uneven.

Focus on Curves and Corners: If your landscape design includes curves or corners, take extra time to make sure that your edging is shaped to properly fit. This may require cutting or bending in order to achieve smooth curves.

Fill In and Secure: Once you have all your edging in place, fill in any gaps with soil or gravel in order to stabilize your edging and prevent it from shifting. Make sure that the edging is firmly secured in the ground so it can withstand any external factors.

Add Final Details: After installation is finished, consider adding finishing touches like mulch or decorative gravel along garden beds to improve the overall aesthetic.

Happy landscaping, and may your DreamScape turn out to be exactly what you anticipated it being!

Spring: The Perfect Time for Landscaping


It’s that season again…Springtime! When nature finally wakes back up and the great outdoors starts calling to us. It’s quite literally the perfect time to get your hands dirty and tackle those landscaping and edging projects you keep thinking about. There’s no better time than now to make those thoughts a sunny reality.

You might be asking, What makes Spring the perfect season for landscaping projects? Well, let’s get down to the details:

Prime Working Conditions: Spring offers the perfect climate scenario – just the right temperature and soil conditions which makes landscaping tasks way easier. The soil is soft and moisturized, making it very easy to dig, plant, and edge without working too hard. Spring is also not too hot like summer tends to be which makes it perfect for long and enjoyable landscaping days.

Perfect Timing: Spring provides us with a sweet spot on the calendar, giving us ample time to tackle our outdoor projects before summer arrives. It’s the perfect opportunity to finish your outdoor landscaping projects so you can relax all summer long.

Planning Opportunity: Proper planning and preparation are essential for a successful landscaping project. Spring gives you the opportunity to assess your outdoor space and decide if you want to put in the time for any edging, landscaping, maintenance, and more.

Easier Soil Preparation: Spring makes the ground have moisturized soil that is way easier to work with than the dry, hard summer dirt or the frozen soil in the winter. This makes tasks like edging and landscaping much more efficient.

Extended Outdoor Enjoyment: By starting your landscaping projects in spring, you’ll allow yourself to truly enjoy your outdoor time for the entire summer. Whether you’re going for a swim, having a barbecue, hanging out with friends, or whatever it is, a well designed landscape is sure to improve your outdoor summer experience.

Reduced Maintenance: By using Springtime to create a solid landscape foundation, you can reduce the amount of maintenance needed later on. By properly planting your mulch beds, you will allow them to retain moisture more effectively.

At DreamScape, we’re here to help make your landscaping journey as high quality as it possibly can be. From a vast selection of products, specialized sizes, expert advice, we’ve got everything you need to help you make your landscaping dreams come true. With that being said, let’s make this spring unforgettable!


The DreamScape Team

This Rocks! Your guide to incorporating rocks into your landscape!


With a little creativity, you can give your landscape a makeover with just the use of rocks and stones!

Photos were taken from our “This RocksPinterest Board.



Check out these DIY Garden Globes! Want to make your own?

Click the photo bring you to the pin.

DEJJGTBXcAA8L8aUse large rocks to become a planter for Spring succulents and other garden plants such as lettuce, aloe vera, penta and more!

e781e332007d584f8a5b3d43ffa3ac5cCelebrate your family in your garden by making a “family tree” out of rocks!

1c12767800ae42851f87ed9b82124110Looking for a featured piece for your landscaping? Try a spiral rock garden!

e44592c1707a3d75135c6a67f73431a0Create a stacked-stone totem for an all-season focal point in a planting bed.

Want to make your own? Click on the photo to bring you to the pin.

2fb7ce2b93125abff4798eaf59d2df64Make a dry Creek Bed out of smooth stones and rocks!

Don’t forget to use landscape edging to provide a crisp edge.

b7527fe9d98771a11e0a4574414baa7fWe saved our favorite for last!

Paint the rocks in your garden to add a little pop of decoration with your plants!

5 steps to planning the perfect family friendly landscaping!


Are you looking to change up your landscaping? Why not make it family friendly so kids and parents both want to be outside! Here’s five ideas for creating the perfect family-friendly yard:


  1. Determine your child’s favorite outdoor activities.

From tree houses to tire swings and trampolines to rock climbing walls, there are tons of ways to boost your children’s outdoor play! And by including these type of activities, your yard will be one of the most popular in the neighborhood! Decide what activities are right for your family and then keep these in mind as you design your landscape.


  1. Make sure there’s room!

There’s nothing wrong with having a large open space! In fact, it’ll be beneficial for your children’s entertainment. Kids need lots of space to run and play; playing soccer isn’t easy to do in a small patch of land.


  1. Identify your needs and wants.

Does your family play a lot of basketball? A basketball court might come in handy! Do you have a green thumb? Then be sure to leave space for a garden – one that the kids can help with too! Figure out what needs would go along with your wants!


  1. Be aware of the plants you choose.

You’ll want to steer clear of anything poisonous or potentially harmful – especially ones for kids. Having edible plants or a garden full of fruit or veggies are kid-friendly and beneficial as they allow and encourage your kids to eat fruit and veggies!


  1. Allow the kids to contribute.

Landscaping is a great family activity! Your children will enjoy the planning and decorating of your yard! Try some DIY decorations that you can do with your kids for additional fun!


Get started on your landscape today – plan carefully, do it in stages and before you know it, you’ll have a landscape that your whole family will enjoy!


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Give Your Landscaping A “Step Up!”

blog pic

Do you have lots of hills in your landscaping? Is your yard and patio on different levels? This is your summer guide for incorporating steps into your landscaping!

6c4d4916527632f96fbd05a9d10104c8If you’re going for a natural looking garden or landscape, this pea-stone design gives the steps a great earthy feel!

7e6937ccfe6677508e4a1dc52e344b68Try something unique like this. They used mostly the grass for the steps, but added some stone to finish the look!

863ffaebc5e9f15b67dfa0ed7aabc4c3If you really want to separate your yard from your patio, you can install something like this!

Doesn’t it look sharp?

634255125f8a0256426070797772edebCheck out these cedar-framed stairs with decorative gravel fill.

Great design and inexpensive to do!

c59d697fcb9046325fe123dc67bafad4Use tree trunks or large timber or treated wood pieces to naturally blend with the surrounding!

d9a76d92452fbbf01dd4154908b54c04Speaking of wood! Make use of the tree stumps left over if you’ve had to remove a tree!

They make great steps!

ff4c4921315737892c20dfb3da03529eIf you like the look of stone, we highly recommend this one!

The accent stones make the entire design!

Which is your favorite? Do you have another design? Share them with us in the comments below!

Four Must-Have Backyard Accessories!


It’s summer time. You’re spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the sun and vacation. Here’s our four must have backyard accessories!


  1. Speakers!

Music, Summer and Social Gatherings all go together! You’ll want a reliable and water safe (because you never know when a water fight might break out) option to entertain your friends and family! There’s tons of options – they can look like rocks so they blend in with the garden landscape or you can even invest in a pair of floating wireless speakers for your swimming pool!


  1. A Fire Pit!

Who doesn’t like a good old bonfire? Every backyard should have a fire pit placed in a strategic location surrounded by some comfy lawn or patio furniture!


  1. Lighting!

A well-lit backyard will allow the summer parties to continue. Even after dark! Lights can be embedded in stepping stones, mounted in fences or walls, or even placed in the pool! If you’re looking to add a “remote island” feeling to your backyard, try out some Tiki Torches!


  1. Mosquito Repelling Plants and Candles!

No one likes mosquitos! Yet it might feel like there’s no escape from them during the summer months! Try planting mosquito repelling plants such as lavender or lemongrass around your backyard and patio. You can also try Citronella candles… Many stores have cute lantern type candles to add a creative summer flare to your yard!


There you have it! The top four things your backyard needs during this warm summer weather! What is on your top four list? Share in the comments below!

Our Top Picks | The Pool Edition


Maybe it’s the summer vibes or the warm weather, but we’re enjoying the many pool designs we’ve found on our Pinterest Board.

Here’s some of our favorites!


Every pool needs a waterfall!


Or at least an awesome fountain!


Who doesn’t want a shallow end for sun bathing!


But sometimes simple is best! c4e8c3be539db4980232639d88847a6b

Especially a kid friendly pool like this!


Then again… You can’t go wrong with a pool that looks like a beach in your backyard.

e5f9e1f9da1733685e09ec1eb18de10f  Or one that looks like a luxurious resort!

fe2690e273a6de2d552ff8e2abd70333And if you have the money… Why not make a swimming pool that looks like a lake?!

What’s your favorite pool design? Tell us in the comments below.