Inexpensive Ways To Increase Curb Appeal


Looking for some inexpensive but easy ways to increase your curb appeal? Here’s 16 ideas!


  1. Add a plant to the front walkway! pexels-photo-117467
  2. Put out a welcome mat.
  3. Paint your door! pexels-photo-104982
  4. Add a decorative wreath or welcome sign.
  5. Install Window Boxes. pexels-photo-102611
  6. Add a table and chairs for outside visits!
  7. Add shutters to your windows.pexels-photo-139383
  8. Create a walkway to the door if you don’t have one already!
  9. Add lights around the pathway.
  10. Install Landscape Edging around your gardens. Buy yours now. AluminumEdging9
  11. Add attractive house numbers.
  12. Upscale your planters from cheap plastic to something more elegant!floral-967113_960_720
  13. Add molding and paint around the front door.
  14. Give your mailbox a makeover. mailbox-507594_960_720
  15. Give your garage door a makeover. See examples here.
  16. Build a tree bench. Capture

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