Happy Independence Day!


Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s some of our favorite decorations!

61a167ff5520b6c3de9c9c59be033378Utilize your porch swing!

20408cb4c7fb1213d74fbb0934439c03And your white picket fence!

a24b9b90e139e4c1fb0962c6ed4c9674Or ANYTHING rustic you can get your hands on.

c7990aa515d159c1c53462b5029b6266Find a old pallet and some paint!


Don’t forget to add a wreath!


There’s tons of designs!

64e903be8f8705b7ad923bda065fe463And creative ways to celebrate!

dca197c484d52fba3a469363a1bee843Create a decorative #DIY sign.

dd52a4c66d3e05e727ef10f13d769caaor some #DIY decorations!

Tell us your favorite #DIY decorations in the comments below!

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