Spring: The Perfect Time for Landscaping


It’s that season again…Springtime! When nature finally wakes back up and the great outdoors starts calling to us. It’s quite literally the perfect time to get your hands dirty and tackle those landscaping and edging projects you keep thinking about. There’s no better time than now to make those thoughts a sunny reality.

You might be asking, What makes Spring the perfect season for landscaping projects? Well, let’s get down to the details:

Prime Working Conditions: Spring offers the perfect climate scenario – just the right temperature and soil conditions which makes landscaping tasks way easier. The soil is soft and moisturized, making it very easy to dig, plant, and edge without working too hard. Spring is also not too hot like summer tends to be which makes it perfect for long and enjoyable landscaping days.

Perfect Timing: Spring provides us with a sweet spot on the calendar, giving us ample time to tackle our outdoor projects before summer arrives. It’s the perfect opportunity to finish your outdoor landscaping projects so you can relax all summer long.

Planning Opportunity: Proper planning and preparation are essential for a successful landscaping project. Spring gives you the opportunity to assess your outdoor space and decide if you want to put in the time for any edging, landscaping, maintenance, and more.

Easier Soil Preparation: Spring makes the ground have moisturized soil that is way easier to work with than the dry, hard summer dirt or the frozen soil in the winter. This makes tasks like edging and landscaping much more efficient.

Extended Outdoor Enjoyment: By starting your landscaping projects in spring, you’ll allow yourself to truly enjoy your outdoor time for the entire summer. Whether you’re going for a swim, having a barbecue, hanging out with friends, or whatever it is, a well designed landscape is sure to improve your outdoor summer experience.

Reduced Maintenance: By using Springtime to create a solid landscape foundation, you can reduce the amount of maintenance needed later on. By properly planting your mulch beds, you will allow them to retain moisture more effectively.

At DreamScape, we’re here to help make your landscaping journey as high quality as it possibly can be. From a vast selection of products, specialized sizes, expert advice, we’ve got everything you need to help you make your landscaping dreams come true. With that being said, let’s make this spring unforgettable!


The DreamScape Team

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