Our Top Picks | The Secret Garden Addition


Are you looking for some inspiration to create a magical and glorious garden? We can’t keep it a secret any longer!

Check out some of our favourites!


01c1db4dff73cc68f57e02255583a375Why not add a waterfall to a forest like garden?

4aeb12bd2430a97683d91369e658305dFind serenity in the garden using these No-Fail Tips for Turning Hydrangeas Blue!

(Click Photo For Details)


Can you ever have too many flowers?

7c90f3397debd39183393ff966fdde81It’s like a dream… walking in Wonderland!

5223c1f676b318230c656f0d47fa3750The Stone Gardens will be glorious! We can see them now….

7968d41bc2c6c6e5d7c2cdf9697f44d4Just imagine walking through this Garden!

32913e206fe217709f4583087b33fd38Formal. Elegant. We love this Fabulous Garden.


What about a garden shed? Bring your garden inside!

aa08acb5efb8c6d7bcbf2bb7f926e713Shabby Chic Garden? YES!


What a beautiful entry way!


Don’t stick to the same old garden designs… Try something creative like this!

fd0285f60f24a7d91a03f8bf31c6a7d3Simply Marvelous Design!

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