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8 Reasons to use Landscape Edging

This week we deiced to focus on the importance of landscape edging! So here they are… Eight reasons why you should use landscape edging! Landscape Edging creates very defining lines between flower beds and other areas. Check out this before and after photo! Although Landscape edging can be most visible between a lawn and the [Continue]

Six Plants to Plant Now to Repel Mosquitoes Later!

In this cold weather I am sure you haven’t thought much about those pesky Mosquitoes that find you in the warmer months. But to prevent this from happening later this year, you will have to plan ahead… or should I say plant ahead. By planting the following plants in container plants or in your garden, [Continue]

19 Ways to Prepare for Your Garden for the Spring in the Dead of Winter


It might be hard to think about gardening when the wind is blistering and the snow is blowing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! The cold weather is the perfect time for planning for the spring! If your anything like I used to be, you’re probably thinking you can just grab a few packs of [Continue]