8 Reasons to use Landscape Edging

This week we deiced to focus on the importance of landscape edging! So here they are… Eight reasons why you should use landscape edging!

  1. Landscape Edging creates very defining lines between flower beds and other areas. Check out this before and after photo!before & After
  2. Although Landscape edging can be most visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden, it can also define a flower border, area around a tree and shrub bed (see image below) or the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden. AluminumEdging8
  3. Landscape edging really emphasizes the lines of beds and leads the eye to the next garden focal point! (Click to Tweet)AluminumEdging9
  4. Landscape edging keeps turf grass from spreading into surrounding garden areas!before & After2
  5. Landscape edging also keeps soil and mulch from the garden from spilling onto the lawn or pathways!scape11
  6. Landscape edging also contains stones and gravel in defined walkways!scape7
  7. Taller landscape edging, like our Decorative Stone Edging can direct garden traffic and keep people on defined paths or areas like this playground!playground_6
  8. Lastly, Landscape edging can keep people out of areas where they shouldn’t be, such as planting beds!Landscape_10

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