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The Benefits of Using Lawn Edging

benefits landscape edging

Lawn edging is a permanent divider between the lawn and another area in the yard, such as a flower border, play area or path. There are several different styles of lawn edging. For example, low-profile aluminum or flexible strips of faux rocks. Choose a style that compliments your house and yard.   Here’s a quick [Continue]

8 Reasons to use Landscape Edging

This week we deiced to focus on the importance of landscape edging! So here they are… Eight reasons why you should use landscape edging! Landscape Edging creates very defining lines between flower beds and other areas. Check out this before and after photo! Although Landscape edging can be most visible between a lawn and the [Continue]

Save Money With Landscape Edging


Here is an interesting article about the monetary benefits of landscaping. From the article, “Clemson University and Michigan State University research indicate an average 11 percent increase”. It is worth the read if you have the time. Landscaping shapes home value, seasonal enjoyment As always, we have the landscape edging to increase the value of [Continue]