How to Install Stone Edge Landscape Edging

The STONE EDGE Decorative edging is a surface installed edging. That means no digging is needed! The edging system gives the appearance of a natural stone barrier and provides a beautiful means for neatly defining the boundaries between your lawn and mulch beds. This mechanism allows the components both to hold firmly together and to flex in any direction, giving you the freedom to fashion the edging system into an infinite number of shapes around your landscaping. Here’s how you install your own Stone Edge Landscape Edging!


Step One: Mark out where you want your edging to go!



Step Two: Lay down garden tarp to keep your stone (or mulch or topsoil, etc.) from disappearing into the ground below.


Step Three: Snap each piece of edging to the next piece.


Step Four: Lay all the pieces that you have snapped together in the garden area where you want the edging.


Step Five: Secure the edging to the ground by inserting the included spikes into the eyelet hole on the back of each STONE EDGE piece.


Step Six: Add the stone (or mulch, topsoil, etc.) inside the edging.


Step Seven: Add your playground equipment, plants, firepits, etc.


Step Eight: Enjoy your newly edged playground (or garden) and lawn!


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