Our Top Picks | The Pool Edition


Maybe it’s the summer vibes or the warm weather, but we’re enjoying the many pool designs we’ve found on our Pinterest Board.

Here’s some of our favorites!


Every pool needs a waterfall!


Or at least an awesome fountain!


Who doesn’t want a shallow end for sun bathing!


But sometimes simple is best! c4e8c3be539db4980232639d88847a6b

Especially a kid friendly pool like this!


Then again… You can’t go wrong with a pool that looks like a beach in your backyard.

e5f9e1f9da1733685e09ec1eb18de10f  Or one that looks like a luxurious resort!

fe2690e273a6de2d552ff8e2abd70333And if you have the money… Why not make a swimming pool that looks like a lake?!

What’s your favorite pool design? Tell us in the comments below.

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