Four Must-Have Backyard Accessories!


It’s summer time. You’re spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the sun and vacation. Here’s our four must have backyard accessories!


  1. Speakers!

Music, Summer and Social Gatherings all go together! You’ll want a reliable and water safe (because you never know when a water fight might break out) option to entertain your friends and family! There’s tons of options – they can look like rocks so they blend in with the garden landscape or you can even invest in a pair of floating wireless speakers for your swimming pool!


  1. A Fire Pit!

Who doesn’t like a good old bonfire? Every backyard should have a fire pit placed in a strategic location surrounded by some comfy lawn or patio furniture!


  1. Lighting!

A well-lit backyard will allow the summer parties to continue. Even after dark! Lights can be embedded in stepping stones, mounted in fences or walls, or even placed in the pool! If you’re looking to add a “remote island” feeling to your backyard, try out some Tiki Torches!


  1. Mosquito Repelling Plants and Candles!

No one likes mosquitos! Yet it might feel like there’s no escape from them during the summer months! Try planting mosquito repelling plants such as lavender or lemongrass around your backyard and patio. You can also try Citronella candles… Many stores have cute lantern type candles to add a creative summer flare to your yard!


There you have it! The top four things your backyard needs during this warm summer weather! What is on your top four list? Share in the comments below!

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