What’s Trending in Gardening for 2017?

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Wondering what the new trends are for 2017?

Check out some of our favourites!

(HINT: Click on the photos for more info!)

aMagical Fairy Gardens

“It can be really fun to create a fairy garden and you can include the kids in the project too. They’ll enjoy coming up with ideas and creating this little universe.”

c57a1312602efd6c8f5e13fb32d6ae9eLiterally anything green!

Green is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017!

cd666b25b7d848411ecbec506feae2c1Butterflies are a must!

“Want more butterflies in your flower garden? Here are twelve easy-to-grow perennials that butterflies can’t resist.”

eafbd2f447afcad139cde71ee8838bff Creating Livable and Modern Outdoor Spaces

8550e24be8335c33a5613222c8e830f5Like This…

5b7bb86f470eeb5e4f82347da54f2426Try an ipe swing bench!

91ca035a1acd37aa41ea9b9525aa825aOr try your hand at a vertical garden!

Want to read about more 2017 trends?

Check them out here.


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