June’s To-Do List!


The month of June is halfway gone already and it seems like it just started! Here’s your June to-do list to help you makeup for list time!


Fruit & Vegetable Gardens

  • Plant your fruit and vegetables that love warm weather (ie. corn, peppers, zucchini and squash, and basil).
  • By planting your bush beans, summer lettuce and corn in intervals will spread out the harvest over several weeks.
  • Harvest your beets, carrots, lettuce and chard.
  • Keep your tomatoes staked, pruning the lower branches as needed to keep air flowing and discourage blights. You can also stake other needed plants including peppers and brussels sprouts.
  • Hill up potatoes two – three times before letting them mature.
  • Sow your seeds for your fall garden (ie. Brussels sprouts, long-maturing cabbage, rutabagas and turnips).
  • Watch your fruit trees for any insects or diseases, and treat as needed.
  • Thin your apples, pears and peaches when the fruit is the size of a nickel.
  • Train your grapevines as needed and prune as needed.
  • Harvest your strawberries and other berries as they ripen.
  • Keep your garden beds weed free.


Flower Gardens

  • Fertilize your roses and dahlias.
  • Stake tall flowers as needed before they get too big and fall over.
  • Divide you early blooming perennials as needed. If you do it this month, make sure to water it well until they’re established.
  • Trim and remove any dying foliage from your spring bulbs. Now would be the time to move any that you would like.
  • Remove seed pods from your rhododendrons and azaleas and prune your other spring blooming shrubs.
  • Watch for signs of mildew, black spots or rust and treat if necessary.


Other Chores

  • Fertilize your lawn for a second time if needed. Keep watering and mowing as well.
  • Put out bait for slugs and snails if that is a potential issue.
  • Trim your hedges mid-month.
  • Start your watering cycle, soaking beds with soakers or drip systems every five days. Raised beds every four to five days in warm, dry weather.

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