June Gardening and Yard Work

As June arrives, so does the warmer weather! This usually marks the end of the planting season, but it also marks the beginning of some pretty great clearance sales! Be sure to check out your local gardening stores. If you purchase new plants, be sure to add organic matter to your soil so they have a leg up after their late start, and will improve your ground over time as well!




Unless you experience unseasonably cold, moist conditions, your spring bulbs should begin to yellow and will pull out of the ground with no resistance. Add these leaves to your compost pile but make sure not to remove the leaves before they are ready or your bulbs will not perform next year.


If you haven’t already began mapping out your garden’s spring bulb display, now is the perfect time to start! By doing this you will know which bulbs you want to purchase this fall.




Watch for signs of pests and weeds in your garden. If you catch them early enough you can usually keep them from becoming an epidemic that ruins your yard. Here’s some things to look out for:

  • Watch your tomatoes for spotted leaves. If they develop leaves pull them off the plant and throw them in the trash. This will stop diseases from developing.
  • Check your azalea’s for black spots on the bottoms. Lacebugs can become a very big problem but you wont notice the damage until August or even September!
  • Watch out for standing water in your garden as they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.




As the temperatures grow, so will your grass! Avoid allowing it grow too long; it is best to cut less than one-third of the total length off at one time. If grubs were a problem last year then make sure you treat your lawn end of May or early June. Make sure to water your lawn deeply during dry spells. It is best to let the water soak into the soil rather than only watering enough to make the top of the ground moist.

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