How to Mow Like A Pro


There is nothing more spectacular than a freshly cut lawn with clean, straight tire lines. It is mowing season, and with the grass growing faster than I can keep it cut, I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips on how to Mow like a Pro!

Step One: Be sure to use a sharp blade. Sharpen it as often as you can, but at least once or twice a year. A sharp blade will give you clean cut that looks good and keeps your grass feeling and looking healthy!

Step Two: Pick up the trash. Clear your lawn from any obstacles to prevent from mowing anything but your lawn. Running over your trash or rocks is unsafe and will dull your blade. Oh, and you’ll have a big mess to clean up as well!

Step Three: Mow around the edges of your lawn first. Do this not once, but twice and then you will have enough room to turn the mower around as you mow the middle.

Step Four: Mow in straight lines. This will make your lawn look like it mowed professionally. Mow parallel to the sidewalk or house. Did you know that when you mow, the wheels leave lines in the grass? These lines will make your lawn nice and clean if done correctly.

Step Five: Overlap your cut lines! Overlap your cut lines by one or two inches. This will make sure that all the grass has a chance to get cut each week.

Step Six: Trim the Edges. Use a trimmer and fix up any grass that didn’t get cut by the mower. This will ensure that the grass all grows at the same height.

Step Seven: Alternate your mowing patterns every week. Switch up your patterns so that your lawn gets cut evenly throughout the month. You want to avoid your lawn getting permanent stripes in the grass from the mower wheels rolling in the exact same places each week.

Step Eight: Don’t go too long between cuts! The longer you wait to mow, the longer it will take to get the job done when you finally get around to it. It could also mean having to mow twice, once at a higher setting and then again on a lower setting.

Step Nine: Don’t cut too short! Cutting your grass too short will damage the lawn and cause the lawn to dry out. It can also damage your blade by cutting into the soil.

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