Benefits of Using Professional Landscape Edging


1. Edging permanently defines the landscape bed, so that continual reshaping of the bed is virtually eliminated.



2. Significant savings in maintenance expenses will be achieved as landscape edging eliminates the continual spading of the bed edge by hand or using power edgers.



3. Edging assures crisp, clean lines will be maintained throughout the landscape bed, ensuring the original design intent is maintained.



4. Edging blends architectural details with the landscape beds, building a properly designed and balanced landscape.



5. landscape is truly defined by proper separation of lawn, flowerbeds and aggregates and edging will achieve those goals.



6. When various aggregates are used in a contained area, edging is the only way to assure a permanent separation.



7. Properly installed, quality landscape bed edging gives clarity and significantly increases the level of visual aesthetics and adds value to the business or residence.


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