Benefits of Aluminum Edging


Aluminum Edging:

Lifetime performance makes the cost of aluminum edging lower than any other product.
The resilient flexibility of aluminum allows for smoother curves.
Crisp, straight lines can be achieved with minimal effort.
High strength aluminum alloy withstands years of maintenance abuse, and is non-toxic with excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity.
Long and wide grooved stakes help reduce the effects of frost heaving.
Aluminum edging is light weight, forms easily and can be cut to length with minimal effort at the construction site lowering installation costs so budgets can be maintained.
Aluminum edging will never rust, crack, rot or become brittle.
Aluminum edging is environmentally friendly & made from recycled material.

Versus other edgings. . . . 

Steel Edging: Rusts; Corrodes; Is not suitable for marine environments; Very heavy; Hard to bend and cut; Steel prices can be unstable.

Wood Edging: Splinters; Rots; Fades; Weathers; Attracts insects; Is hard to create curves.

Vinyl & Plastic Edging: Becomes Brittle over time; Is less resistant to material and mechanical wear; Has a large degree of thermal expansion; Is not UV stable; Are not as crisp in appearance.

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