Gardening with Kids!


Do you want your kids to enjoy all that nature has to offer?

Check out some of these fun gardening ideas that will help them grow and learn about nature!


a2de76cd9121dff40cd58b0c61ef0505Make Egg Carton Greenhouses!

43166a94c1d2879b2668e1ab3094be3fGarden in a glove is easy and a great learning opportunity!

9297af16f75d0081b5cfd712264de190Make a worm hotel!

4ff0aa056eb1554ae690fc374ae4cf11Make an inexpensive herb terranium.

3c9c9467f77845e9663276655dfd6251Make wooden garden stakes that your kids can color or paint!

b8eeba20552ff6356302cb8a1513bd16Fairy Garden’s are in! Bring a little magic to your garden!

See more ideas here.

What are your favourite gardening activities for kids? Share them in the comments below!

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