All About Bee’s and Avoiding Their Stings


No one likes to get stung by bees, that is a given. Especially when you are doing the dreaded yard work. The thing is that we need bees. We need them in order to keep plants and flowers growing. If it weren’t for them then we may not here. And we wouldn’t have things that we need, including our clothing.


Here is a list of things that you can do to avoid the bee stings in your yard this summer:


  1. Bee Proof your home:

Fill any areas that bees may want to fill with nests. What I mean by this is fill holes in trees, clothes lines, any spaces that bees can make nests. Put screens over these areas, or if you can, fill them with cement if the object, for example a clothes line, can take the weight of it.



  1. Hire someone:

Hire someone to come out to your home and relocate the nest. Make sure that they won’t destroy it though. Remember that we need those bees for some of our everyday things!



  1. Avoid direct contact with the hive:

You’ll want to try your best to avoid contact with the bee hive. So like we discussed in the previous point, hire someone to come take it away. Vibration from lawn mowers or any other equipment can bother the bees in their hives. Their first thought is to attack when something is disrupting them. Try to pick some colours of flowers that won’t attract the bees as much these include white, yellow, blue or purple flowers. Blackberries, cantaloupes, strawberries and watermelons are a few fruits that attract bees.


  1. Pick an ideal time of day:

Try to pick a cooler time of day to do your yard work. Before 9am or after 5am are the best times to mow your lawn. Bees are very sensitive to the weather so they are out more in the middle of the day. Rather than the morning and the evening.



Nature is where the bees live. They need their space, just as much as we need our space.


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