Top Seven Things To Add To Your Landscaping


Do you have the trees, the shrubs and the gardens, but your landscaping still seems to be lacking something?

Here’s seven things that will add some character and flare!

1. Stepping Stones: Purchase from your local home and garden store or make your own!

85b4185b1114670a0c2838e1ce37aff3See some of our favorites here.

2. Fences: They’re not just for privacy!

a446e10116336579a6cf8f5aa5945d6cSee some of our favorites here.

3. Bird Baths: You provide it and the birds will come!

bbfb2bbd58058c2a11451dc0483aa7e0See some of our favorites here.

4. Vertical Gardens: Gardens don’t have to be horizontal. Not only are these trending, but they’re pretty awesome too!

8c13160a6287ca3e426211ce18ca00b2See our favorites here.

5. Water Fountains: There’s nothing like the sound of trickling water to create a relaxing landscape.

435a0072fa80b1289fa9e3fde61ec160See some of our favorites here.

6. Steps: Do you have a hill or a higher porch? Change up your steps to spice up your landscape!

634255125f8a0256426070797772edebSee some of our favorites here.

7. Rain Gardens: Don’t want to add a pond or pool? This is a great alternative!

8ae94886a19bd1229226a2120f560df3Here’s some of our favorite designs.

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