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11 Landscape Tips for Small Space Landscaping


Go Vertical Make gardens look larger than they actually are by adding trellis or arbor. These structures help draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space.   Grow Some Privacy Keep privacy in mind as you design your small landscape. No one wants the neighbors looking over their shoulder as they relax outdoors. [Continue]

6 Walkways for your yard (and how to use landscape edging to make it last!)


Looking to add a walkway through your beautiful gardens or your backyard? Here’s six of our favourite designs and how you can use landscape edging to make it last! (Click the photo to pin to Pinterest.) Check out this unique garden mosaic pathway made from river rocks! Circular edging can be used to create awesome [Continue]

10 Winter Plants To Brighten Up Your Balcony


Isn’t it nice to look out your window and see your colorful plants blooming? Just because it’s winter does not mean you have to stop gardening! Here’s a list of plants that will survive the chilly months to give your balcony (or patio) a makeover! Winter Heathers Winter-flowering heathers love wind and rain! Plant them [Continue]