7 Popular Edging Designs Perfect for Your Landscape

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In this exploration, we’re looking at seven of the most popular edging styles, each offering elements that are completely unique. From classic edging styles to more modern designs, there truly is something for everyone. Get ready to find the perfect edging design for your outdoor space!

1. Classic Straight Lines: A timeless classic. This edging style provides a clean and structured look to any landscape.

2. Curved Borders: Soft curves add a sense of fluidity to outdoor spaces which creates a natural, inviting atmosphere. Use flexible and durable edging materials to explore techniques for creating curved borders.

3. Layered Stone: This style creates a natural rugged feeling and the layered edging adds a lot of depth to the landscape. Try out this popular design trend with easy to install materials.

4. Brick Patterns: This style has a classic charm and timeless appeal with a brick pattern on the edging. You can achieve various layouts with this edging and it is also known to be highly durable.

5. Mosaic Tiles: Provides a vibrant, eye-catching style while adding a lot of color and personality to your landscape. Learn how to incorporate mosaic patterns seamlessly into your design in order to achieve a beautiful landscape.

6. Raised Beds: Optimize space with raised bed edging designs, this design offers improved soil quality and it’s very easy to maintain. Explore techniques for creating them with DreamScape’s superior edging products.

7. Gravel Borders: Define pathways and flower beds with modern gravel borders, combining functionality with contemporary style. Explore several gravel options and professional edging techniques to achieve a polished aesthetic in your landscape.

As we conclude our exploration of edging designs, remember: with the right tools and a little bit of creativity, your outdoor space can become a true DreamScape!

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