Monthly Archives: August 2015

Dividing Hostas


Dividing Hostas is best to be done in late summer during the month of August, or early September. If you divide your hostas in the summer, be sure to keep them well watered for a few weeks after to help absorb the shock of being transplanted. It is also important to allow for three to [Continue]

Summer’s End


August is coming to an end, and with it marks the end of summer. The kids are going back to school, teachers are setting up their classrooms and the summer heat will be turning into the lovely cool weather of autumn.   With Summer’s end just around the corner, it is important that you prepare [Continue]

August’s To-Do List


The month of August is flying by and the end of summer is just around the corner! To prepare for the back to school months, and the upcoming fall, here are some to-dos to keep your landscaping and gardening up to date!   Planning is always the fun part right? Start planning by ordering bulbs. [Continue]

The Eleven DON’Ts of August


Don’t cut your grass any shorter than three inches. Don’t prune unless it is absolutely necessary. Restrict trimming to removing a few stray shoots. Don’t apply nitrogen fertilizer (manure, straw, or sawdust) to shrubs. Don’t forget to remove dead foliage as it will keep the plants blooming until frost! Don’t forget to check your hemlock [Continue]