When to Prune: Part 2

when to prune again

Since last week, you must think you’re a pro pruner and you might be. Just so you can master the skill, we have a few more tips and specifics when it comes to pruning different and certain plants. (Click To Tweet)

Roses are the perfect flower for almost any occasion. The roses that are one hit wonders are the tree climbers and garden roses; these are spring bloomers and blooms once. The perfect time to prune? Right after they finish blooming.
Do you have some that return in the same year or season? Repeat bloomers such as modern shrub roses or hybrid teas are to be pruned to the shape of the plant and to remove the damaged as it comes.

Deciduous Shade Trees
When winter comes, these trees become dormant. During this time, it’s the perfect time to prune. You won’t harm the tree in anyway or spread disease while it is dormant.

Deciduous Fruit Trees
You want to create space in this tree for sun to be absorbed. You want to prune in winter when it is dormant. You want the best quality over the most quantity.

Evergreens (Fir, spruce, cypress, etc)
Ho Ho Ho, the classic Christmas tree. The needle type trees should be pruned in the early growing time. You don’t want to cut any wood that does not contain any of the green needles. If done, it may not grow back for you.
Natural Holiday decorations? This tree is perfect for snipping a few in the winter for your home. It won’t affect the growth of the tree.

Pruning Tips

  • Don’t prune any newborn trees or trees that are newly planted. Wait at least a year before clipping away.
  • Cut as close to the branching point, this will avoid any stubs on the tree.
  • Dip the tool you’re using to prune with rubbing alcohol to eliminate the spread of any disease the plant may have.

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