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2017 Garden Trends


Not sure if you heard the buzz, but the Garden Media Group published their 2017 Garden Trends Report and we’re so excited! The theme is Grow 365. They say that in the coming years, people will grow indoors and out – Anything, anywhere!   Here’s a sneak peak of what they had to say:   [Continue]

Turn Your Own Backyard into an Inspiring Destination

backyard inspiration

Some landscaping trends come and go fairly quickly, but apparently changing your backyards from your basic landscaping to create a destination is a trend that will be around for quite a while! People want their backyard to be somewhere where you would like to go to spend your spare time. This week we will discuss [Continue]

47 Beautiful Plants that will Attract Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds.

beautiful plants

Ajuga Allium Alyssum Aster Basil Bee Balm Begonia Blanket Flower Bleeding Heart Borage Calendula Cardinal Flower Columbine Coral bells (Heuchera) Dahlia Daylily Delphinium Dianthus Foxglove Fuchsia Geranium Gladiolus Globe Thistle   Helianthus Hollyhocks Iris Joe-Pye Weed Lantana Lavender Lily Marigold Mullein Musk Mallow Petunia Phlox Poppy Purple Coneflower Queen Anne’s Lace Salvia Scabiosa Stonecrop Sunflower [Continue]

February’s Chores and Tips

february chores and tips

Well the first month of 2016 just flew by! Here are some tips and to dos to take care of your landscapes and gardens for the month of February!   Shop for early spring flowering shrubs and vines, such as Carolina Jessamine, daphne, azalea, camellia, and early rhododendrons. Order perennial plants and bulbs now for [Continue]