How to Create a Delightful Dog-Friendly Garden

dog friendly garden

Dogs totally love spending time outside and of course, digging in the garden is one of their favorite outdoor activities. But just like kids, dogs can be a bit harmful to both your interiors and landscape if you do not distract them from the plenty of mischiefs they might get into. That is why you should be well acquainted with some techniques that will help you dog-proof your garden and make it a more convenient place for your beloved pet.

Give them a hint where to go

Dogs really like patrolling the yard. Your hairy friend will be much happier knowing that the perimeter is safe and free of uninvited cats, squirrels and birds. Guide your pet where to walk by laying a path close to your garden’s fence. This will protect your garden beds and allow the dog some space to have fun and run freely at the same time. Incorporating a fence in your garden landscape will also help you keep your playful friend safe by limiting their chance to go in the street without being supervised.

Think about the surface

In case the “path” idea pleases you, you should consider picking materials that will be as much comfortable as possible for your dog to run onto. Pea gravel is a good idea for pathways which do not get too hot in summer and have no sharp edges to injure your dog’s paws. However, your dog will sometimes avoid the paths and instead will go between the flowers, so when it comes to choosing mulch for your garden, we suggest buying something which is friendly to dog paw pads like mini chips, for example.

Provide amenities

The more your dog runs around, the more it will enjoy a chill and shady place to relax afterwards. Arrange a comfy spot under some tree or a shed where your pet will be able to lie down for a while to recover their strength after the long and exhausting ball game or bird chasing. Place a water bowl and make sure that there is always fresh, cool water in it. You can also design an area where to play fetch games with your dog without thinking about the plants you may harm. Just leave some space free of any flowers or herbs and plant only grass there to create a playground that will be easy to maintain.

Pay enough attention to your pet

Marking territory is a thing your dog will surely do, but if you often skip the walk, you can expect much more than this. Whenever you see the dog marking, water the areas promptly to avoid the negative consequences for your plants. Your garden will suffer every time you forget to take your pet out for their walk or if you do not spend enough time together. When dogs get bored, they start digging holes in the ground, picking flowers, etc. Engage your pet’s attention by making them a part of your gardening work. Let the dog sit near you and watch you planting or trimming. The more often you play and do things together, the less time and desire your dog will have to run on their own and thus damage the fragile plants you have taken much care of.

Pets are parts of our families so they surely deserve to feel comfortable and protected in home. Stick to those guidelines to make your garden a bit more dog-friendly and provide your loved pet with another reason to adore you.

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