Protect Your Landscape Against Winter Weather


Cold weather and landscaping are not an easy mix to deal with… But the forecast doesn’t have to be the end of your landscaping this winter!

  • Mulching is super important! Be sure to mulch new and existing trees and shrubs with two or more inches of top quality shredded pine mulch to help protect the roots from deep freezing.
  • Pick plant materials that are winter-hardy and adapt to your climate zone.
  • Protect your landscaping plants by adding a fence or a hedge of shrubs to offer protection from cold winds!
  • Fall clean-up is not something you should forget about. Unraked leaves will prevent moisture from reaching roots and sunlight from reaching the glass blades.
  • Water your plants and trees at the root level when the temperatures rise above freezing. Avoid getting the stems or leaves wet if at all possible.
  • Protect new tree trunks by wrapping them with a commercial tree wrap.
  • Shield plants from hungry rodents, rabbits or deer. Creatures like this can cause serious damage to your landscape.
  • Refrain from knocking the snow off your shrubs or tree limbs. They will be frozen, fragile and can break easily. Snow acts as an insulating protection blanket for perennial gardens and leaves.

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