What can you compost?


One of the best things you can do for your garden and your yard is composting. There are tons of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to your soil that can help your crops grow large and healthy. When composting is done right, it is one of the best things you can do for your soil!


Obviously, you cannot compost everything. For example, you shouldn’t compost meat, fish, or bone as they decay slowly and will attract animals to your compost… including rats. Another big no – no is composting diseased plants, as it can lead to your compost spreading the disease to the rest of the plants in your garden. Also, you should never compost pet feces as they may contain parasites that are harmful to humans.


So, what can you compost?


Typically, composting is separated into two different types of composts: green and brown.

  • Green compost is anything related to fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, tea bags, fresh grass clippings and plate scraps that are not related to meat or bones.
  • Brown compost consist of dry leaves, wood shavings, nuts and shells, coffee and coffee filters.


As well, you can compost shredded newspaper (but not paper with regular printing on it). Hay and peanut shells can also be composted. You can compost plates, cups, utensils or partyware as long as it is the compostable variety. You can even compost your own hair clippings as it will put a huge amount of nitrogen into the soil (be careful not to put too much in as it can cause a spike in nitrogen that can be harmful to the compost).

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