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8 Reasons to use Landscape Edging

This week we deiced to focus on the importance of landscape edging! So here they are… Eight reasons why you should use landscape edging! Landscape Edging creates very defining lines between flower beds and other areas. Check out this before and after photo! Although Landscape edging can be most visible between a lawn and the [Continue]

Monetary Benefits of Landscaping


Here is an interesting article about the monetary benefits of landscaping. From the article, “Clemson University and Michigan State University research indicate an average 11 percent increase”. It is worth the read if you have the time. Landscaping shapes home value, seasonal enjoyment As always, we have the landscape edging to increase the value of [Continue]

This is Why Home Owners Nationwide Use Dreamscape Aluminum Landscape Edging


This is Why Home Owners Nationwide Use Dreamscape Aluminum Landscape Edging:  1) Professional Appearance  A landscape is truly defined by proper separation of lawn, flowerbeds and aggregates and Dreamscape Aluminum Edging will achieve those goals. Quality landscape bed edging gives clarity and significantly increases the level of visual aesthetics and adds value to the business [Continue]

Benefits of Aluminum Edging


Aluminum Edging: • Lifetime performance makes the cost of aluminum edging lower than any other product. • The resilient flexibility of aluminum allows for smoother curves. • Crisp, straight lines can be achieved with minimal effort. • High strength aluminum alloy withstands years of maintenance abuse, and is non-toxic with excellent corrosion resistance and high [Continue]

Benefits of Using Professional Landscape Edging


1. Edging permanently defines the landscape bed, so that continual reshaping of the bed is virtually eliminated.     2. Significant savings in maintenance expenses will be achieved as landscape edging eliminates the continual spading of the bed edge by hand or using power edgers.     3. Edging assures crisp, clean lines will be [Continue]