How to Clean Bird Feeders

cleaning bird feeders

At this time of year we start planning to feed our backyard birds. Before putting last years bird feeders out, it’s a good idea to clean them because this will help keep the garden birds healthy.


It’s easiest to clean bird feeders outside, fill a bucket with hot water and add some dish detergent. Wearing rubber gloves, wash and scrub the bird feeder with a brush to remove any dirt and old seeds. Put the dirt and debris in the garbage.


Next, disinfect the bird feeder. Fill a bucket with hot water and add household bleach. (One part bleach to nine parts water). Submerge the bird feeder for about five minutes then rinse with cold water and leave it outside to dry. When it’s completely dry it’s ready for use.


Repeat the cleaning process every two months during the feeding season. When cleaning the feeder, sweep up old bird seed and hulls that have dropped to the ground and put them in the garbage. It takes some time and effort to keep the bird feeders clean but it’s worth it because we appreciate those beautiful backyard birds!

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