Give Your Landscaping A “Step Up!”

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Do you have lots of hills in your landscaping? Is your yard and patio on different levels? This is your summer guide for incorporating steps into your landscaping!

6c4d4916527632f96fbd05a9d10104c8If you’re going for a natural looking garden or landscape, this pea-stone design gives the steps a great earthy feel!

7e6937ccfe6677508e4a1dc52e344b68Try something unique like this. They used mostly the grass for the steps, but added some stone to finish the look!

863ffaebc5e9f15b67dfa0ed7aabc4c3If you really want to separate your yard from your patio, you can install something like this!

Doesn’t it look sharp?

634255125f8a0256426070797772edebCheck out these cedar-framed stairs with decorative gravel fill.

Great design and inexpensive to do!

c59d697fcb9046325fe123dc67bafad4Use tree trunks or large timber or treated wood pieces to naturally blend with the surrounding!

d9a76d92452fbbf01dd4154908b54c04Speaking of wood! Make use of the tree stumps left over if you’ve had to remove a tree!

They make great steps!

ff4c4921315737892c20dfb3da03529eIf you like the look of stone, we highly recommend this one!

The accent stones make the entire design!

Which is your favorite? Do you have another design? Share them with us in the comments below!

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