Five Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden


As an avid coffee lover, I am faced with one of the same problems as many of you. We finish brewing a pot of coffee and we are left with a pile of useless coffee grounds that end up tossed in the trash. But what if I told you, you could use those coffee grounds to make your gardening job easier (Click to Tweet). Coffee grounds can help your plants grow healthier and stronger. Here are five other ways to use coffee grounds in your garden:

  1. Make a worm farm.

Why do you want a worm farm? Well, worms will turn and aerate your soil for you which make less work for you! Take a bucket, add some soil, your coffee grounds and a few worms. Then add the mixture around your plants and the worms will do all the hard work!

  1. Pump up your compost.

Did you know coffee grounds are full of nitrogen? Nitrogen is what your compost needs to be its best. When you are done with you coffee grounds, simply put them in your compost bin and give it a good stir.

  1. Send your pests packing.

If you sprinkle coffee grounds around the perimeter of your garden and flower beds, pests won’t want to cross it. Slugs, snails, and other bugs won’t want to climb over the acidic mixture, leaving your gardens pest free.

  1. Make your own fertilizer.

To make your own fertilizer, add half a cup of coffee grounds per one gallon of water. Mix it well and allow the mixture to sit for about twenty-four hours and ferment. Pour the mixture around the base of your plants. The plants will love their homemade fertilizer and it is completely safe for children, and pets playing in the yard.

  1. Fight off fungus.

Coffee grounds are a great way to fight off various funguses that will grow on your plants. All you have to do is sprinkle the ground directly into your soil. As the grounds break down in the soil, it will help fight various molds and fungus that could be fighting your plants.

Coffee is my daily pick me up, and now it can be the same for your plants. Try using coffee grounds in your garden and see what results it gives!

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