Fall Lawn Care

fall lawn care

Fall maintenance is key to having a beautiful lawn, here are eight tips that will keep your lawn looking great.


Rake and remove Leaves and Moss

If you have a small lawn, you can do this with a hand rake. Alternatively use a lawn mower with a bagger or mulcher. Removing the leaves allows sunlight and rain to reach the grass and prevents the grass from dying. Put the leaves on a compost pile to create free compost for your garden.


Remove weeds

Apply a lawn herbicide according to package directions. If you want an organic garden, pull weeds by hand, or use an organic herbicide.


Aerate to improve soil structure

Aerating should be done every 2-3 years or when the soil has become compacted. Aerating removes small plugs of soil and improves the soil structure. If you have a small lawn, use a garden fork or aerating sandals to make the holes. For larger areas, rent an aerator or hire a landscape contractor.


Apply top dressing

Top dressing is a prepared mix of sand and soil. After raking and aerating, apply top dressing and use a garden broom to bush the dressing into the aeration holes. Top dressing is available from garden centers, it provides nutrients for the lawn grass and improves the soil texture.


Feed your lawn with lawn fertilizer

Fall is the best time to fertilize the lawn. Choose a high-nitrogen lawn fertilizer and apply it while the grass is still green and before the ground freezes.


Add seed to thin spots

If the weather is warm enough for germination, sprinkle grass seed over bald patches or areas where the grass is thin. Water the area if you do not get any rain. Cover the seed with a thin layer of hay to prevent birds eating the seed.


Drain the lawn irrigation system

If you have an in-ground irrigation system or lawn sprinkler, drain the system to avoid pipes bursting when the water freezes.


Continue to mow

In the fall, grass grows more slowly but it’s a good idea to keep mowing as needed. Cut the grass shorter but make sure it’s at least two inches tall. The closer cut allows more sunlight to reach the base of the plant and this encourages healthy root growth.


Follow these simple fall lawn-care steps and you will be rewarded with an attractive lawn the following year!

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