Creating a Pet Utopia

pet utopia

There are many differences in yard care where ever you go. For example law maintenance will be different from Florida compared to New York. There will be different times of the year to plant things and a lawn in Florida would need to be watered more than a lawn in New York would. One thing that remains the same for lawns where ever you are is that your pet has a safe and beautiful place to hang out. Let’s take a look around a hypothetical backyard at some things that may be dangerous for your pet that could be hidden in your very own yard.


Watch Those Flowers:

We walk out the back door and there are beautiful flower beds full of flowers. They add a glorious scent to the air as you step out the back door. You never would have thought that those beautiful flowers could be dangerous. But did you know that many flowers, if ingested are poisonous? Many animals may want to roll around in that garden, or even try to snack on those flowers! A small list of poisonous plants are Easter Lillies, Poinsettias, America Hollie, and Alocasia. These plants that are often found around homes and gardens can be the cause of anything from intestinal disturbance to unfortunately death. If a cat were to take a small bite from a lily plants then it could quickly lead to kidney failure. Check with some law care service providers in your area to make sure the plants that you are planting in your yard are pet friendly.


Check Out Your trees:

Along the back of the yard there is a line of trees. You think that they are safe for those beloved pets. But what if a storm comes? Is there any branches that may be on the verge of breaking? You wouldn’t want a branch to fall on your puppy. It’s a good idea to check out the trees every spring. Trees take quite a toll from the winter months. If you can check the trees out for yourself, I suggest calling a friend or a lawn service provider to help you out. This way you or a lawn care service provider can take care of any trees that may be dangerous.


Where Are Your Pesticides Stored?

We walk over towards the shed. There we find chemicals leaning by the side of the shed.  Close by we see some fertilizer and some pesticides. All of these things should be put inside of the shed instead of outside. They should be locked up and in a high spot where pets and children cannot reach them. Don’t take the risk of accidental ingestion. It could make pets and children very ill or even worse it could cause death.


Where’s Your Lawn Care Equipment?

We get to the other side of the shed and there it is; an axe, some shears and a lawn mower. Don’t you think this equipment should be inside of the shed? Don’t risk the injuries that could be cause from those axes, shears or lawn mowers. Keep all of these things locked up in the shed away from the reach of pets and children.


Let’s Talk Mulch…

We look over to the bird bath that is surrounded by beautiful mulch. Wait a second though, what type of mulch is it? Does it contain toxins that could be harmful to your pet? Cocoa bean mulch smells wonderful. Pets may be tempted to eat some of the mulch because of the wonderful scent; but depending on the chemicals that are added to it, it could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and sometimes even death. Check your mulch before adding it to your garden. Or just ask your provider, or only hire a company that is trained to know.


Kids And Their Toys

Walking onto the beautiful lush, green lawn we know that our pets love the softness of the grass. The kids were playing with toys in the lawn, and then we see it. A small ball. Balls of any size and toys can be choking hazards for our pets. All it takes is for a dog with a stronger jaw to chew apart the ball and choke on a small piece of it. This could create a blockage or a tear in the dog’s throat. Make sure your kids know to pick up all of their toys when they are finished playing with them.



Off to the corner we see a small pond. It really is beautiful to look at, that is, until we see the algae growing on top of the water. When it gets hot out the algae can grow thick. If your dog were too jump in for a late afternoon swim and were to swallow some of that algae it could be very dangerous. It could cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and weakness in your pet. These symptoms can last for a few days and make them very sick, where it could lead to death.


Don’t Let the Bugs Bite!

Doghouses and enclosures need to be checked often for spiders and their webs. Spiders and other insects often take up a spot in the doghouse or enclosures. Don’t spray them with pesticides because as we mentioned earlier they are dangerous for pets. Just spray it with a water hose.


Friends and neighbours that mean well

Last, but not least, a hazard you may have ever thought about is your neighbours. When you have visitors make sure that the gate it closed behind them. Sometimes you may have a pet that may want to make a run out around the neighbourhood if the gate is not closed properly. This can lead to your pet never making it home, or even getting hit by a car.


Now For The Fun

Now that you have checked your yard for all of the hidden hazards, go to the pet store and spoil your pet. Make the yard fun for them. By them some pet safe toys to play with. The proper sized balls to play with are perfect for dogs. While you’re at it, pick them up some healthy treats!

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