5 steps to planning the perfect family friendly landscaping!


Are you looking to change up your landscaping? Why not make it family friendly so kids and parents both want to be outside! Here’s five ideas for creating the perfect family-friendly yard:


  1. Determine your child’s favorite outdoor activities.

From tree houses to tire swings and trampolines to rock climbing walls, there are tons of ways to boost your children’s outdoor play! And by including these type of activities, your yard will be one of the most popular in the neighborhood! Decide what activities are right for your family and then keep these in mind as you design your landscape.


  1. Make sure there’s room!

There’s nothing wrong with having a large open space! In fact, it’ll be beneficial for your children’s entertainment. Kids need lots of space to run and play; playing soccer isn’t easy to do in a small patch of land.


  1. Identify your needs and wants.

Does your family play a lot of basketball? A basketball court might come in handy! Do you have a green thumb? Then be sure to leave space for a garden – one that the kids can help with too! Figure out what needs would go along with your wants!


  1. Be aware of the plants you choose.

You’ll want to steer clear of anything poisonous or potentially harmful – especially ones for kids. Having edible plants or a garden full of fruit or veggies are kid-friendly and beneficial as they allow and encourage your kids to eat fruit and veggies!


  1. Allow the kids to contribute.

Landscaping is a great family activity! Your children will enjoy the planning and decorating of your yard! Try some DIY decorations that you can do with your kids for additional fun!


Get started on your landscape today – plan carefully, do it in stages and before you know it, you’ll have a landscape that your whole family will enjoy!


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