10 Plants to Put in Your Garden This Fall

Fall is right around the corner these days, which leaves only a few more months to use our gardens! Here are Ten Plants to Put in your Garden this Fall (with the help of Pinterest)! Be sure to click on the pictures for further information about each plant type!


Power Perennials: These are Plants that Thrive No Matter What!

24 Different Types Of Power Plants That Are Near Impossible To Kill East Beginner Gardening Plants Flowers Coneflower Cone Flower DIY Gardening Tutorial Instructions Heat and Drought Resistant Cold Tolerant Varieties

Species Tulips: Little Wonders

Species Tulips: Little Wonders

Daffodil Pink Charm

Daffodil Pink Charm. White flowers with wide cups that look as though they were dipped in apricot nectar. Pink Charm is a great naturalizer. It's also very adaptable: It grows well almost everywhere and is the best pink cup daffodil for the Deep South. 18" Height, Full Sun, Zones 3-8, Naturalizing, Early Season

Parrot Tulip ‘blumex’, Plant in the Fall, Bloom in the Spring!

Tulip - parrot tulip 'blumex', planted some this fall, hoping they come up in spring!:)

Broccoli Anyone?

Growing Broccoli, How to Grow Broccoli, Planting Broccoli

There is a whole list of vegetable crops that tolerate the cold and

can be grown in the spring and again in the fall.

The following vegetable crops tolerate the cold and can be grown in the spring and again in the fall.

Kale is a biennial.

Companion plants include beets, celery, lettuce, onions, potatoes & strawberries.

Kale is a biennial. Companion plants: beets, celery, lettuce, onions, potatoes & strawberries. These companions spread & provide shade for the soil, helping to keep the soil cool. Kale likes cool soil. Also apply a heavy mulch like shredded leaves.  Feed monthly with fish emulsion or compost tea.

“Lettuce Enjoy the Fall”

How to Grow Lettuce.  I need this.  I really suck at growing lettuce.

Sweet Potatoes: The flowers on this plant are gorgeous!

Grow your own sweet potatoes :: Outlaw Garden. Not to mention the flowers on this plant are gorgeous and morning glory-esque!  Good front yard veggie (ok tuber).

Summer & Winter Squashes like Butternut, Spaghetti and Zucchini Squash.

10 helpful tips to growing summer and winter squashes like butternut, spaghetti ,and zucchini squash.

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