Thank you for your prompt service, I learned about your product from my neighbour and brother-in-law, he used it to help me with a small backyard project. It was so easy to work with that I just had to order it to do a front yard project that needs doing.

You can be sure that I will spread the word...thanks again


It is EXACTLY the look I wanted! It is so tidy and unobtrusive! And it couldn´┐Żt have been any easier to install! Next year, we are taking on the back yard and you will be the first person I contact when we get the beds laid out.

Thanks for a wonderful product!!

Kind regards,

Thanks for the email. I only want one order. I also wanted to tell you that your product is wonderful.

Thanks again for taking the time to email me.


I received the shipment on 5-21-07 and have already installed half of it. I am very happy with the product. Please keep me on your mailing list - if you have one.


Thank you for the good advice. I ordered 15 more end adapters to finish our formal garden project. The edging product is superior to anything I've ever seen.


Thanks so much. I have completed the order. 80' of alum edge. Very, very fine customer service from your company. Will recommend.

All the best,


You, guys have impressed me. I am a hard customer, who believes in service and you guys have delivered. All I can say is, WOW! I place my order early yesterday afternoon and it arrived almost 24 hours later. It is already in the ground and the path that it lines is ready to back fill. I am very happy with you product. Congratulation on a job well done.

I will be needing some more end caps and another box of stakes, please advise how I may order them and what the cost will be.


M. Pierre

I just received 80' of your pro aluminum edging yesterday and installed the first 24' today. Your product is great. It's easy to install, makes beautiful curves, and looks like a million bucks. I've never gotten a better result with any of the many types of edging I have tried. My neighbor recently installed concrete curbing and I think he wishes now he had spent $2 a foot for aluminum. I'll recommend you to anybody who asks me. Thanks for making a product that actually works the way it's supposed to.


Hi, I finally had the edging installed in the back yard and it is great. I really like it and would like to order some more next year to finish the project. One problem...I used every single piece of the edging and am short spikes. There are not enough to install all of the pieces. I do not need to fill in every hole in the edging; however, I am short 5 pieces that I would like to have to insure the edging is not compromised. Please send me five spikes which were not in the original packing.

thank you.


This product is great! Easy to install and looks great.


I finally got my playground finished and got some good pictures this weekend from my son's birthday party... by the way, the project turned out great and I've got lots of compliments on the edging. I've actually had some co-workers ask me where I got it and I sent them the link to your site.


Thank you for taking the time to explain the pricing change. I do understand and our business has been greatly affected by our current economy as well.

You do have a great product and what I consider, excellent customer service! I will reorder. I edged one of my homes today with the sandstone. Several neighbors inquired about the edging. The were amazed!!! I printed info on your products for them, per their request.

I will be happy to send before and after shots if you would like.



I wanted to thank you for your rapid and courteous response to the shipping error. Your customer service is absolutely outstanding and I have been relaying this to my neighbors as they stop by to admire the new edging around one of my front flower beds.

Your product was easy to install and looks great. If it holds out well this summer, then I will be replacing all of the edging in my yard. This will be upwards of 1000 feet.

Thanks again Russ. I look forward to my next purchase.

As an avid gardener, I had been looking for an attractive garden edging product for a long time. I finally found it! I highly recommend the Decorative "Stone" Edging. It is very attractive and installation is very simple. The quality of the product is excellent. The free shipping is an added bonus! My flower beds look great with the Decorative "Stone" Edging.