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Barrier Paver Edging Sixteen (16) Pack - 107.2' [BAR08S-16pk]


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Paver edging is a required component of any paver brick patio or walkway project. Walking or driving on paver bricks create downward and outward forces. Quality paver edging prevents the horizontal movement of paver bricks, keeping the system (pavers and sand) in place permanently. Patios or walkways without paver edging can move – erode – and then fall apart. Paver edging, keeps pavers in place – permanently. Paver edging also gives the professional or the do-it-yourselfer professional results. Paver edging will remain straight and true providing straight linear lines. When a radius is desired, simply cut the paver edging base with pruning shears at the desired location. Perfectly uniform inside or outside radiuses are easily and quickly formed with paver edging. Each paver edging segment contains a joint on either end. Multiple pieces of paver edging are easily snapped together to form longer runs. Paver edging spikes are then used to secure the paver edging to the base material.

Paver spikes are not included with this package, however, you can order them separately here at or purchase them at a local hardware store. This use a standard spike.

Barrier™ Edging for Pavers

• Professional results at do-it-yourself prices
• Designed for use with concrete or clay pavers
• Prevents pavers from moving horizontally
• Open base allows grass roots to help anchor edging in place
• Barrier is invisible after installation

Barrier™ Edging for Landscaping

• Ideal for creating a professional edge to your planting beds and gardens
• Perfect solution for building tree rings
• One length creates a 25" diameter ring
• Creates a permanent barrier between different landscape materials
• Holds landscape fabric and weed barriers firmly in place


MFG Model # : BAR08S
MFG Part # : BAR08S
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