Aluminum and Decorative Stone Landscape Edging Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Spade, Hammer, Hacksaw (edger/trencher optional)

1.Lay out area to be defined. Marking paint, string or a garden hose works well.
2.Spade a vertical wedge in ground approximately 4" or 5" deep as required per size being installed.
3.Begin placing edging in trench RADIUS SIDE UP with stake pockets to the INSIDE of bed area. While installing, place edging deeper than desired and lift with spade to desired level when job is complete.
4.Hammer stakes below top of edging.
5.To ensure straight lines, stake and backfill edging continuously, compacting both sides to ensure the finish grade is approximately 1/2" below top of edging.
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Helpful Hints

END STAKE ADAPTERS:Use at all start/stop points to secure edging and to splice cut pieces together.
CORNERS:Cut edging from bottom to approximately 1" from top with hacksaw and bend to desired angle.
GRADE CHANGES:Cut "V" shape notch in bottom of edging and bend to accommodate grade
TREE RINGS:Cut locking system at final connection and use end stake adapter to splice pieces together

Stone Edge Installation Steps

The STONE EDGE Decorative edging is a surface installed edging. That means no digging is needed! The edging system gives the appearance of a natural stone barrier and provides a beautiful means for neatly defining the boundaries between your lawn and mulch beds.

This mechanism allows the components both to hold firmly together and to flex in any direction, giving you the freedom to fashion the edging system into an infinite number of shapes around your landscaping.


Step 1: Connect

Snap each piece of edging to the next piece (see picture below).

Step 2: Position

Lay all the pieces that you have snapped together in the garden area where you want the edging.

Step 3: Secure

Secure the edging to the ground by inserting the included spikes into the eyelet hole on the back of each STONE EDGE piece.

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